This is a 16-week program designed to help

you tap into your unlimited potential. It shows

you how to get more of what you want out of

life by teaching you how to manifest what you want and helping you raise your consciousness.


As your coach, I will be your guide through the program. As you listen to the CDs and work on the workbook, you may have questions about the concepts or want to review the exercises that you’ve completed. Please note these items, and we will discuss them on our coaching calls. There are many personal development programs out there, but this one is unique, as it teaches you how to change who you are at your core, and provides you support as you do so. As your coach, I will help you develop action plans to implement the changes you’d like to make in your life, hold you accountable so that you do what you say what you’ll do, and be your partner in this exciting adventure you’ve undertaken.


Each week, you’ll be listening to one of the CDs in the program, as well as completing exercises in the workbook and doing other assignments that we mutually decide will be beneficial for you. A journal is included in your Law of Being kit; you may use this to record your thoughts and/or write down how you did on the “this week” activities that are found throughout the workbook.


Before our first session, you will take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. Instructions for that assessment will be sent to you in a separate email. The assessment will take about 20 minutes to complete. Answer the questions as honestly as possible, as your results will be a baseline for where you were when you started the program. If you’d like, I can arrange for you to retake the assessment again at the end of the program to see how far you’ve come.


After you take the assessment, you may also want to begin to read Energy Leadership by Bruce D Schneider, which is included in your kit. This book will give you a background in some of the concepts we’ll be covering, as well as show you a real-life application of this work.


Your program will cover the following:


Session 1: Program Orientation and Planning
Session 2: Energy Leadership Index Debrief
Session 3: Setting Goals and Intentions
Session 4: Exploring Default Tendencies
Session 5: The Seven Levels of Energy
Session 6: Exploring Values
Session 7: Energy Blocks
Session 8: Recognizing Illusions
Session 9: Being Abundance
Session 10: Being Happiness, part 1
Session 11: Being Happiness, part 2
Session 12: Being Health
Session 13: Being Wisdom
Session 14: Self-Mastery
Session 15: Being Wealth
Session 16: Being the Change – Wrapping Up and Going Forward

Law of Being Coaching Program