The Profiles of Organizational Influence Strategies (POIS) measures how people use influence in their organizations. The POIS fulfills the need for evidence-based, reliable, and valid instruments to diagnose and develop influence usage in organizational relationships. The POIS items are behavioral and transparent; thus, there are no hidden meanings. Being behavioral in nature, the strategies can be taught to improve organizational effectiveness. The POIS reports provide a “snapshot” of one’s influence style with a particular person (manager) or persons (subordinates or co-workers).


The POIS comes in three forms:

  • Form M (Manager) - Particularly valuable for exploring barriers to effective upward persuasive communication.
  • Form C (Co-worker) - Most relevant to the development of management teams.
  • Form S (Subordinates) - Helpful in the context of supervisory training programs that are designed to improve or alter the patterns of influence used by managers with their subordinates.

Profile of Organizational Influence